Who We Are

AZTECH Health is a high value enterprise consulting firm with a focus on improving healthcare through the alignment of strategic business objectives and technology execution. Our dedicated team of consultants and healthcare technology experts are working to transform the delivery of healthcare services in the new coming era of Patient Health Data Interoperability.

Our founders have deep experience with some of the top consulting and technology firms in the industry, their expertise and guidance allows AZTECH to attract and present the best consultants in the industry to deliver superior results and long-term relationships to navigate the incredible opportunities that are being presented for a future state where all patient health data is accessible.

AZTECH Health is a business unit of AZTECH US, LLC.


AZTECH HEALTH Programs & Services

Improving Patient Experience Program

Patient Health Data Interoperability Services

IoP Compliance Checklist Service

IoP Strategy Program for Providers

IoP Strategy Program for Payers

Health Data Integration Program

SMART on FHIR Application Development

Cloud Analytics & Medial Intelligence Program

Why Do We Focus On Interoperability?

The liberation of patient health data will create an evolutionary transformation in the capability and efficiency of healthcare delivery. Imagine a future state where the combined intelligence from millions of data sources and case histories can be leveraged in real-time in order to address every individual patient’s healthcare needs. AZTECH is ready to pioneer the transition to this future state.


There’s Interoperability, and then there’s Semantic Interoperability

As more and more healthcare organizations move down the path to achieve patient health data interoperability, some important realizations are starting to be made.  The first is that achieving compliance with the CMS regulations is really just the first

The Impact of Patient Health Data Interoperability on Nursing

It’s safe to say that your nursing staff is the most invaluable part of your medical team. They are the primary conduit to patient care delivery, patient satisfaction, and ultimately, the frontline of healthcare transformation.  They deliver the best

What is SMART on FHIR?

It all begins with an understanding of what has enabled healthcare organizations to even consider implementing something as large and complex as patient health data interoperability. Interoperability is made possible by the fact that the healthcare industry adopted a